My Collections

Wouldn’t you think my collection’s complete?


I want to write something that is light and airy, so I’m going to tell you about what I collect.

I used to collect the souls of my enemies, but that became too exhausting. So now I collect pretty things.

First up:

Blue Willow dishes.

Blue Willow

I inherited my grandmother’s collection because I always loved it.

Carnival Glass

carnival glass

I love old colored glass pieces, specifically Carnival Glass. I have a pretty stout collection that lines the open shelves and tops of my kitchen cabinets.

White Churches

white churches

Working in churches is what got me to collecting little white churches. My favorite one is one that I used to play with as a kid at my granny’s house. It’s white with green windows. If you wind it up in the back, there is a little preacher that comes out of the door while Amazing Grace dings in the background.

What do I want to collect now?

Vintage Cameras.

vintage cameras

I love to got to antique shops and thrift shops. I’ve been on the lookout for the perfect little Brownie Camera to start my collection. If you see one that is reasonably priced, let me know!

Let’s get to know each other better. What are some of things you collect or would like to collect?


5 thoughts on “My Collections”

  1. I love collecting silly things!!! Owls and bees. And the little solar dancing things!!
    I tried once to collect big girl things, antique cups and saucers….I have one!


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